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Exclusive Services


Managed Point of Sales Services

The POS system order entry, inventory tracking, data collection, mobility, report generation, and customization must be as fast, accurate and as user-friendly as possible. including system processes, transaction processing, alert monitoring, and device management. whether you choose software-only service that runs on smartphones and tablets, or a full bundle of hardware, software, and payment processing, the system will include the online integration and employee-management features that are critical to your operation.

• Account Management

• Cloud POS Based System

• E-commerce Platform

• Mobile App Reporting

• Electronic Payment System

• Real Time Dashboard Reporting

• SOL Account Integration

• Reward & Redemption

• Offline POS Capability

• Supply Tracking System

• Loyalty Program

• Attendance Monitoring

• Nationwide Support Coverage

• 24 x 7 Support Coverage

• Centralised Helpdesk

• Advance Hardware Replacement


Network Infrastructure

Leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Our team of network specialists will design a scalable LAN/WAN network solution that ensures that application delivery and processing time is efficient :

• Network Deployment & Support

• Network Consulting Services

• Managed SD-WAN Services

• Infrastructure Reporting



• Integration

• Wireless & Mobiles

• Network Assessment


Support & Maintenance Services

We offer a proactive level of support that goes beyond general warranty maintenance and helps quickly resolve issues and prevent problems before they occur. You can choose a level of support that makes sense for your environments from tiered service options that include 24x7 reactive and proactive support services.

• 24x7 Support Coverage

• Device & Hardware Support

• Full-Scale Service Reporting

• Onsite Technical Support

• Advance Hardware Replacement

• SLA Based Helpdesk Services

• Proactive Monitoring


Cyber Security Services

We can implement a comprehensive approach to cyber security to allow your business to identify, prevent and recover from a cyber security breach.

• Managed Network Security

• Cyber Security Consulting

• Network Detection & Response

• Intrusion Detection & Prevention

• Managed Endpoint Security

• Security Posture Assessment


• Integration

• Deployment & Support


IT Infrastructure Services


Helpdesk Services

Digital enterprises need modern infrastructure with compute, network, workplace and data capabilities to meet the opportunities of today and tomorrow.

Our offering on system and storage fundamentally improves the experience and economics of IT by simplifying the entire project lifecycle to reduce time, cost and risk. We can help you stabilize, optimize and manage your IT infrastructure for future growth and transformation.

We provide one-stop IT Helpdesk services to help clients troubleshoot and prevent IT downtime, as well as assist our IT clients in dealing with their customers. With our expertise in IT service management processes, we also provide efficient after-sales services such as contact centre and customer service support for non-IT clients.

Our Helpdesk services blend customer service excellence with technological innovation, resulting in cost effective, fully integrated solutions designed to add value to clients.

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