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We aim to provide the highest level of services and support for our customers


We specializes in Inter-Networking Services/Internetworking Services and all the technologies that go along with it. We provide information on Internetworking to allow our customers to get on with their Business.


Our primary areas of expertise lie in as below:

  • Network Assessment & Management

  • Network Planning, Design & Implementation

  • Wireless & Mobility


Today's information security threats aren't only on the outside but on the inside too. It's time to rethink on how organizations can keep their most valuable assets safe. Our ongoing series of thought leadership focused on IT risk and its many related challenges and opportunities.


Below are our Information Security Services:

  • Security Intelligence (SIEM, Network Forensic, SAP Security

  • Monitoring)

  • End point Security (Anti-virus, Patch Management etc.)

  • Network Security (Firewall, IDS, IPS, Content Filtering etc.)

  • Security Posture Assessment (SPA)


  • Physical Security, CCTV Solutions


Our offering on system and storage fundamentally improves the experience and economics of IT by simplifying the entire project life-cycle to reduce time, cost and risk. It can help customer enterprise go beyond basic implementation and consolidate more efficiently.


Below are the system and storage that we offer to our


  • Microsoft Business and Infrastructure solution

  • Servers and Storage (SAN, NAS, HPC etc.)

  • Data Center Equipment

  • Virtualization solution

  • Point of Sales (POS)

  • Digital Multimedia Display


FK Technology delivers Support and Maintenance Services through certified support engineers for any products as well as heterogeneous infrastructures out of one hand, from installing new products to providing fast and multivendor support for hardware, software and infrastructures.


With the right Support and Maintenance Services, we are enables to do early planning for the availability of IT systems required for state-of-the art business operation.


Below is our offering to customer:

  • Total support, troubleshooting and resolution

  • Installation and professional services

  • Managed services, multi-vendor services


We are proud to announce that we have embarked into new area of expertise by producing our own OEM Servers. From product features and performance to solution strategy and problem resolution, you need complete confidence in your server. With FK Server Systems, you will have that confidence. We designs and builds to a high specification, delivering server products with maximum processing power, great fexibility, excellent manageability, and high reliability. Stringent design and manufacturing practices, rigorous validation and testing, and excellent warranty and technical support ensure you receive value that is difficult to find elsewhere locally.


We develop and provide end-to-end green computing solutions to the data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, high performance computing, or HPC, and embedded markets. We offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and customization by providing what we believe to be the industry's broadest array of server configurations from which they can choose the optimal solution which fits their computing needs. Our server systems, subsystems and accessories are architecturally designed to provide high levels of reliability, quality and scalability, thereby enabling our customers benefits in the areas of compute performance, density, thermal management and power efficiency to lower their overall total cost of ownership.

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